M&L’s 40th Anniversary and Expansion


Recently, M&L celebrated the 40th anniversary of serving our communities.  With the help of our customers, vendors, and friends, we hosted a successful open house to give back to the many people who have gotten us where we are today.  This open house not only showcased our new expansion in our Bowling Green office that was finished during the beginning of this year, but it also allowed us to celebrate with the people who we are abundantly thankful for.

Charlie Mosley and Jim Lockwood started M&L Electrical, Inc. in 1975 with only one truck and a vision of building the company from the ground up.  Their humble beginnings, partnered with strong values of hard work, trust, and honesty, allowed them to start a thriving company whose mission and goals still stay the same today.  M&L is continuously growing 40 years later thanks to our founders.

The exIMG_1626pansion that M&L showcased at the 40th anniversary celebration includes numerous office additions, a remodeled reception area, and a new conference room fit to meet our growing needs.  Also included is an expanded front side of the building.  These renovations were made to accommodate our quickly-growing company.

M&L is very appreciative of the many partnerships we have made and customers we have served.  As we continue to grow, we look forward to many more years of fond memories and dedicated service.

Written by Heather Bevins